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The Event


When is Streetopia?

The event is on Saturday the 25th of November, with the official event schedule taking place between 10am and 6pm.

Where does the event take place?

Inn 3 main areas in central Obs:

– Obs Village Green and Community Centre (Station Rd & surrounds)
– Main strip (from Station Rd to Darien Square)
– Market area (from Darien Square to Norfolk Rd)


How much does it cost?

It’s 100% free, gratis & mahala. There’s no charge for anyone, including residents, to enjoy or participate in the variety of activities on the day. As a non-profit community based event, nobody’s looking to make any money from the event – but it does still cost to stage it. If you’d like to know more about the costs and logistics involved or would like to support Streetopia with funding, check out our Donate page.





What activities take place on the day*?

A wide range of artworks are displayed (large sculptures, as well as exhibitions), whilst performances of music, dance, poetry, drumming and so on also take place at a variety of venues. Found throughout the event area are also a large number of market stalls featuring art, craft and homemade products created by residents of Obs and surrounds.

*Please note that as a community event featuring a large amount of volunteered content (including much of the artworks and performance), everything is subject to change. This includes all lineups, and scheduled activities.


On the Village Green

The stage on the Green will run from 10am until 6pm and will feature a range of live music on a small stage, with performances taking place from 10am – 6pm.

Village Green Stage

10am  Mawethu Gejies Mapotolo

11       Cheap Thrills

12       Slowboat

13       7th Wave

14        Porchlights

15        Askaris

16        Ward 10

17        Best Dressed Contest

17:15   Steampunk Saloon


Take note: our Best Dressed Contest will take place on the Village Green Stage – and you’re invited!
For more info on the Best Dressed, see this post.

Also located on the Village Green:

– Decor and artworks from AfrikaBurn
– The event’s Info booth
– Event operations centre, security and medics
– Community Rangers are located here (but will also be roaming the event)
– Volunteer booth
– Public toilets (including wheelchair access)

If you have art, decor or an activity you’d like to bring on the day, please email streetopia@afrikaburn.com



Trill Rd

Located in proximity to Trill Road will be two small sound stages: Disconnect, and The Shrine.



Disconnect are a collective of electronic music fans from Kenya and SA, who will be presenting a showcase of their artists on the day in a lineup that will feature 3 slots of two hours each. Expect innovative sounds that include deep tech, bass and groundbreaking Afrohouse sounds that are as fresh as can be.

11am          Raphasosyk

1pm           Terrasoul

3pm           Aanga

Thanks go out to Akash and his crew for participating in this year’s event!

Find out more about Disconnect on their Facebook page here.



The Shrine

This stage is dedicated to the memory of Fela Anikalupo Kuti, the Lion of the Kalakuta Republic and amongst Africa’s greatest musical stars. This will be The Shrine’s second appearance at our event, and you can expect to hear more of the Afrocentric beats that featured last year.

10am          Under Pressure

11                Flōyu

12                Selective Hearing

1pm             Welcome to the Underground

2                  Muzical Connexion

3                  Intrinsic Audio Sessions

4pm            DeeTo Sessions


Thanks to Cuito Naude and the Shrine crew players for stepping up and organising The Shrine!


In The Market

Located on Lower Main Rd between Station and Norfolk Road, our market will feature stalls run by many residents of Obs, Salt River, Mowbray and surrounds, in keeping with Streetopia being a community event that seeks to have residents participate in and benefit from the event. These will be complemented by a range of stalls offering craft, art, vintage and retro items.





In addition to the variety of activities that will take place along Lower Main Rd in this area, small music stages will be positioned in the Trill Rd area, and also in the vicinity of Voom-Voom Vintage at the far end of Lower Main Road.


Voom Voom Stage

Thanks to the participation and interest of business owners on the far end of Lower Main Rd, this year’s event sees the footprint extended until Norfolk Rd, where a small stage will be hosted on the day featuring live music – and salsa dancing! Thanks to Fred Spider and Chantal – and the residents of the area – for enabling this new area to take shape.

11am          Fred Spider

1:45pm      Orah & The Kites
2:15            The Bradley Bath Band
3:30           The Stage Invaders
4:30           Salsa Dance Floor (with DJ Angus Prince)


Art, installations and buskers will also feature along Lower Main Rd and surrounds, including throughout the market stall area.

If you have a performance or activity you’d like to add to the mix in this area, you’re welcome to simply come along on the day (if it’s a relatively small activity) or, if it requires a space and some co-ordination, email streetopia@afrikaburn.com or see the info on our Participate page for our team to provide assistance.




Road Closures

This year, an extended portion of Lower Main Road will feature market stalls, buskers and other activities. The road closure areas are subject to change by the City of Cape Town, and are proposed as restricted access points along the following intersections:

– Trill, Darien, Bowden, Wrensch and Sussex roads (access provided for residents)
– Station Rd from Drake St to James Rd (emergency vehicle access only)


Please note
: Traffic will be able to skirt around the event area using the designated alternative routes on the day between the hours of 10am and 6pm. Thereafter, all roads will be open as usual.

PARKING: We’re happy to announce that Obs Primary School has made its field available as parking for attendees of this year’s event. Please make use of this safe parking, in order to ensure residents are not parked in or inconvenienced.

The event will have signage and traffic marshalls stationed at every road closure point and at high-traffic areas to ensure the smooth and safe movement of crowds and vehicles. Residents below Lower Main Rd affected by closures will be provided with Access Passes, and traffic marshalls will be stationed at intersections to assist them.

If you require any info regarding Streetopia, email streetopia@afrikaburn.com and a member of the organising committee will get back to you.

Info line for Obs residents

In order to ensure residents’ homes in the vicinity of the event area are free of traffic problems, signage and traffic marshalls will be stationed in the relevant areas. If you’re an Obs resident and wish to contact the event team during the event period due to any access issues or noise concerns, please call 083 272 5489 and the matter will be attended to. Please be aware that the number  will only be active on the day of the event from 8am – 6pm.