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It’s true that AfrikaBurn organises the event, but to create Streetopia takes a village – and that village is Obs!

It’s with great thanks that we acknowledge the support of businesses and civic organisations in helping us to make Streetopia happen. You can identify official supporters by the sticker you see below – when next you’re strolling around our hood and spot the Supporter sticker, pop in and say hi, and thank them for helping to make the event happen.

If you know of anyone in the area that would like to support Streetopia, please let them know about our Donate page, thanks.

Primary Supporter for 2018 Event: National Lotteries Commission

We’re very happy to announce that primary funding for our 2018 event has been received from the National Lotteries Commission. The funding will assist our 2018 event in the following areas:

– event site infrastructure
– equipment & materials
– safety & security (municipal and private services)
– catering for artists and volunteers
– transport (for artists, performers and event artworks)
– permanent artwork installations (murals and streetlights)
– local youth development
– project co-ordinator
– communications assistant
– research assistant
– arts administration assistant

Visit the National Lotteries Commission website to find out about other projects supported by the NLC.




Civic Organisation Partners

To stage our event in a residential neighbourhood could not happen without the support of civic organisations who assist with logistical, infrastructural and municipal event needs such as waste management, traffic and safety co-ordination, road closures, sanitation and many other aspects. Below are civic partners whose support the event team are very grateful for:




These are the guys that help Obs to be safer, cleaner and smarter – and we owe a great debt of gratitude to their team for assisting Streetopia with elements such as logistics, snaitation and street cleaning – and also for help with keeping the event area secure during the setup, the event duration, and afterward.

Check out their website here.




Observatory Civic Association

Performing the role of an interface between the Obs community and municipal and governmental organisations, the OCA have been of great help to Streetopia in assisting to alert the business community to the event and ways in which it can be supported.

Check out their website here.


City Of Cape Town

Facilitating our event’s permit and providing support in the form of essential event services such as Traffic officers on the day, the City is a partner in Streetopia and in the continued growth of our event.

City of Cape Town website




2018 Business Supporters



Bohemian Lofts Backpackers (41 Trill Rd)

Located right in the heart of our hood, above our busy main strip on Lower Main, Bohemian Lofts does what it says on the tin, offering a quirky and colourful place to stay for short or long spells – making it a favourite for students and visitors who want an ideal location that’s cosy and smack bang in the thick of it.

Check out their website here.



Maids Of Honour (62a Lower Main Rd)

Featuring a fresh & funky mix of classic and vintage garments and accessories, Maids is a must-stop fashion experience that offers everyone something to their taste.

Find out more on their Facebook page here.


Mango Ginger (27 Lower Main Rd)

Located in the heart of our hood, Mango Ginger’s growth over the years is a testament to their popularity with both locals and visitors. Catering to a very wide range of diets and tastes, their menu and premises have both bloomed and in ten years, theirs has become a sought-after destination that keeps customers coming back for more.

See their website here – and visit their Facebook page here.




Obz Cafe (115 Lower Main)

They’ve been a landmark in our area for 20 – count them, t w e n t y – years, and are a solid-gold institution and a part of the fabric and lore of our hood. Doing a fine job of retaining the character of one of our best examples of Victorian architecture, Obz Cafe rocks our world and

Check out their website here




Observatory Backpackers (235 Lower Main Rd)

A firm favourite with many visitors and students in our area, this is the double-storey building on Lower Main Rd that’s decorated with fantastic murals. Rumour has it they have a secret garden that’s a lush oasis enjoyed by all who get the privilege.












2017 Supporter List

Below is a list of supporters of our 2017 event.




Green Elephant Backpackers

Opened in the first year of democracy in South Africa – 1994 – the Green Elephant is a well-known feature of Obs and a beacon for visitors from all over the globe. With a laid-back atmosphere (and great pizzas on Thursday nights), this is something of an Obs institution that’s also an actively green business, doing their bit for our planet.

Check out their website here.


Hello Sailor (86 Lower Main Rd)

Bursting with cool factor and thus a destination for many residents and visitors alike, Hello Sailor’s got it all, from hip young cats to burgers that border on spiritual experiences and on to picklebacks that’ll have you saving gherkin juice forever after.


1890 House Sushi (40 Trill Rd)

If words sashimi, nori and wasabi get your tastebuds roaring for action, then this humble but fabulously popular sushi joint is right up your alley, and is just down Trill Road. Sushi fundis swear by the quality and freshness – and many an Obs resident would go nowhere else for their fish fix (or for their range of Asian spirits and beers).

Check out their Facebook page here.



Honeybun (107 Lower Main Rd)

Powered by great coffee and a delicious menu, this is a regular destination for both residents and visitors in Obs alike. It’s no surprise that they’ve been voted one of the Top 10 Coffee Houses in Cape Town.

Check out their Facebook page here.



Obz KwikSpar (67 Station Rd)

Our friendly neighbourhood everything, which is a family-run affair, located across the road from our Village Green. Thanks to the Obz KwikSpar for their support!

Check out their website here.



Linko Restaurant (88 Lower Main Rd)

A firm favourite with residents who like their sushi or Chinese delicious and authentic, Linko’s great prices are matched by their range and friendly staff.

Check them out on Facebook here.



A Touch Of Madness (12 Nuttall Rd)

Fancy a dash of Irish fol music with your craft beer? Perhaps a tasty dollop of drum ‘n bass with your samoosa? Enjoy bumping into an assortment of Obs characters and personalities after a long day’s graft? ATOM is where you’ll find all of this and more, in a cosy old house that’s versatile enough to host regular poetry readings, hen’s parties, Obs Neighbourhood watch meetiongs and a whole lot more.

View their website right here


Voom-Voom Vintage (15 Lower Main Rd)

One of this year’s biggest supporters – and also now a feature area of the 2017 event – Voom-Voom is the home of all things retro, vintage and ever-so-cool. If you’re into classic threads or accessories, furniture, cameras or seriously authentic vinyl, this is where you’ll find it all, and much more.

Check out their Facebook page here.

Nevernew (15b Lower Main Rd)

Located at the far end of Lower Main Rd, there’s a treasure trove of vintage and second hand threads – and a wide range of amazing accessories – that add up to a fantastic way to spend some time. Chantal – who has headed up Nevernew since establishing it 3 years ago – has a sharp eye for solid-gold vintage classics, and it shows.

Check out their Facebook page here.


Cape Tattoo Co.

Taking tattoo to the next level, Cape Tattoo’s Kenneth has earened himself a reputation for his outstanding skills with skin and ink. From small pieces to intricate custom jobs, his work speaks for itself.

See their Facebook page here.

Trenchtown (143 Lower Main Rd)

A longstanding and popular joint, Trenchtown’s hosted innumerable live band and DJ performances over the years, offering a home to a wide and eclectic range of customers. Always a buzzing vibe, this is the venue that always offers something interesting to check out, whether trance nights, drumming sessions, shisa nyama or just laid back rasta vibrations.

See their Facebook page here.



The Forex Bar (92-96 Station Rd)

Forex is the de facto international visitor’s lounge for Obs, attracting a wide spread of the many students our hood appeals to. It’s also the favoured haunt for many business meetings and after-hours drinks, with a great vibe at any time.

See their Facebook page here.



Hawkes & Findlay (57 Station Rd)

An Obs institution that’s been around for over 50 years, this is our friendly neighbourhood hardware store where you’re always treated as a valued customer. Home to just about every single item of DIY and hardware you could ever possibly want.

Find their Facebook page here.


Mimi The Delicious Food Company (78 Lower Main Rd)

Home from home for many residents and visitors, Mimi is a favourite on account of the delicious homemade selection on offer. Located at a prime position for people watching, or just enjoying the passing parade along Lower Main.

See review of Mimi here.



Obs Bottle Store (70 Lower Main Rd)

Not many family liquor stores can boast a length of service that stretches back to 1925 – and for that matter, not many bottle stores feature the incredible range of brands and products that this neighbourhood store does. A Streetopia supporter from the start!




Massive thanks to all businesses that have shown their support thus far – their donations are helping our event to fund more art and activities on the day so our event grows, and truly becomes a community affair. If you’re in the area, show them some love!