New Year, New Design!

If it’s September, it must mean that our team are already beavering away in the background – plotting, planning scheming and dreaming of this year’s event. And that’s definitely the case, as we’ve been rather busy already, meeting with civic organisations such as Obsid and having discussions with the Obs Civic Association, and other stakeholders, as we tool up for our annual rollout of announcements. Our communications team has also been busy, and it’s with a generous serving of pride that we can now officially release our brand-new Streetopia identity, which you’ll be seeing here on our site, and also splashed across our social media channels and print material.

In line with our general aims of local being lekker, all of our new design – which you’ll soon see on our 2018 event posters, stickers and more – was created by Obs local (and fairly decent DJ), Toby Atwell aka Toby TwoShoes! Top marks, Toby, we really love how the spirit of our little street festival comes through!

We have a lot of surprises still in store as far as this year’s design, and those will be revealed soon as we race towards this year’s event, which will again take over a stretch of Lower Main Road and the Village Green. If you’re an Obs resident or business owner and you’re interested to find out how you can get involved, feel free to nose around here on our site – we have a lot of info available about how you can contribute an activity on the day, or step up and become a supporter.

In case you hadn’t got word yet, our event happens this year on 1st December, World AIDS Day – and we’re expecting an even wider spread of great art & craft market stalls from Obs residents, who have already expressed interest in making the most of our day on the streets together.

Stay tuned for more updates – it’s only September, and we’re already fielding calls and mails from many traders, artists, performers and businesses about what they have planned and how it will fit into our schedule on the day.

Need info? Interested in contacting our team? Mail us on – let’s make magic on the streets together!