On the ‘AWEH Mural’ – Pics and Story

If you’re headed along Lower Main today, take a stroll past Stanley House and check out the wall outside The Peacock – that’s where you’ll spy the work of Marti Lund and AwehMigo, whose craft has been channeled into a glorious piece that forms one of the parts of this year’s Legacy Projects.

See some of the pics here for an idea of the process – and read on for info on the artists’ approach and the inspirations for it:


On the ‘AWEH’ Mural:

‘Aweh!’ screeches the bird across the streets of Observatory!

The ‘aweh’ sound comes from a Migo, a small colourful bird created by AwehMigo, one of Observatory’s powerhouse resident artists and designers. Most evenings are spent next to his main collaborator and fellow Crate Collective member Marti Lund.

They sit and sketch, talk about possibilities and listen to the people watching soccer at Scrumpy’s. Marti works on a small painting of a hand and they decide to submit a drawing of the Migo squawking, standing on the hand of revolution.


Marti’s part of the piece a hyper-realistically painted hand. The hand, painted in a clenched uplifted fist signified the sense of unity within the Observatory community as well as alluding to the alternative sensibility of it’s residence.

AwehMigo’s birds have become his signature. Being an avid bird fanatic, his birds are influenced by a range of South African birds but are in fact their own breed, a fictional hybrid breed called ‘Migo’s’. This Migo takes its’ influence from the wetland birds of the Liesbeek and Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary.

And so it comes together.