Streetopia Jozi Updates

October 12th is coming – and with it, news from our Jozi event team about the many artworks, mutant vehicles and activities – including exciting news about two music stages – that will feature on the streets of Melville on the big day!

‘The Embrace’ by artist Verity Maud

Thanks to the efforts of the Streetopia Jozi event team, which consists of volunteers from the Jozi Burners crew, as well as members of the AfrikaBurn team, there’ll be a great display of artworks on the streets – and among these will be Verity Maud’s ‘The Embrace’ (above), ‘Firedancer’ by Alex Hill and Ananais Roberts, and ‘Ball of Stars’ by Walter B√∂hmer, among others.

Beyond the art, there’ll also be a great showing of mutant vehicles from the AfrikaBurn event, thanks to the participation of community members in the Jozi region – as well as a variety of performances (on two stages) and activities such as the Purple Spanking Booth.

Get Involved!

Just like our Obs event, Streetopia Jozi is wide open to the contributions and participation of anyone who would like to get involved in the various aspects of the event.

Market Traders

If you’re a market trader and would like to sign up for a stall on the day, please use our Streetopia Jozi Market signup form.


As with all of our Streetopia events, the whole affair is driven by volunteer culture and we can always use extra hands – before the event date, and on the day itself. On September 28th, we have another Volunteer Day happening in Midrand, which involves paint, fabric, sewing and generally getting to know some great humans who’re closely involved in creating & staging Streetopia Jozi.

To find out more about our Volunteer Day, take a look at the Facebook event page, or contact Tug on / 076 894 9066

To keep you updated on the latest about Streetopia Jozi, our team has created the event’s very own website – check that out here.