Road Closures, Parking, 2017 Event Area


This year’s Streetopia will see some changes to the event layout – with the biggest changes taking place along Lower Main Road, as the event footprint has expanded in that area to respond to requests from business owners to be included, in order to allow them to actively participate. In line with this, the section along Lower Main Rd from Collingwood to Station roads will not be subject to road closures this year.

Lower Main Rd Closures

Market stalls have been shifted from their prior location between Collingwood and Station to the other end of Lower Main Rd, between Trill Rd to Norfolk Rd. Along with this change, the intersections of Bowden, Wrensch and Sussex roads will be subject to restricted access. Residents that live along this strip will be provided with Access Passes ahead of the event date. These will enable them to come & go as normal – but all other vehicles except emergency vehicles will not be permitted to access Lower Main Rd during the event period.

Station Rd Closure

From the morning of November 25th until 6pm, Station Rd will be subject to a soft closure from Herschel Road to James Street, ie: only emergency vehicles will be permitted to travel along this strip.

Nuttall Rd – Traffic Calming

Nuttall Rd will not be closed, but will have marshalls stationed along the first section from Station to Trill, to manage the preparation of processions in this area. Residents on Nuttall will not require Access Passes and marshalls will be present to ensure driveways and access remain open to residents.

Traffic Marshalls

In keeping with the City of Cape Town’s event permit requirements, Traffic Marshalls will be stationed at all affected intersections and closures, and also around the periphery of the event area, to assist residents with access and ensure traffic is diverted around the area smoothly.

Parking Plans

All existing and potential parking areas have being identified by our event team, with a view to promoting the use of these as much as possible to those expected to attend on the day. These include existing parking spaces such as:

– Pepper Square Parking Lot (behind the Spar),
– Obs Station
– Sport ground parking bays along Liesbeeck Parkway.

Added to this, we’re very happy to announce that the field of Obs Junior School is also available, which adds a large amount of parking to the available spaces that will alleviate the need to park on streets (and thus inconvenience our residents).

Public Transport

In keeping with the requirements of event permit stipulations, every mode of public transport will be promoted as a means of alleviating undue pressure on the narrow streets and limited parking space within Obs. Among these are:

– cycling is encouraged, and there are numerous safe space alongside the Village Green to lock bikes to fencing.
– MyCiti bus service is available, terminating at Salt River (400m from event area)
– Golden Arrow busses are available from Cape Town CBD, and from outlying areas
– Metrorail service from Cape Town Central
– Minibus taxis are frequent along Main Rd, Obs

Over the ensuing weeks these will be communicated via every channel available.


Dozens of new signs have been painted by volunteers from Obs and from the AfrikaBurn community. As with previous years, these will be deployed very late on the Friday night before our event schedule begins. These signs (indicating road closure, diversions and alternative routes) will be deployed in conjunction with official Road Traffic Inspectorate-approved signage that is part of the event disaster management plan.

Problems On The Day?

If you’re an Obs resident whose home or business is in proximity to the event area and wish to contact the event team during the event period due to any access issues or noise concerns, please callĀ 083 272 5489 and the matter will be attended to. Please be aware that this number will only be active on the day of the event from 8am – 6pm.


If you are a resident of Obs, and have any queries about this year’s event, please feel free to email our event team on – or, alternatively and if you would prefer to speak directly to our event team, come along to the Q&A Session, being held at the Bijou (178 Lower Main Rd, Obs) on the evening of Monday November 6th at 6pm. Any concerns raised will be given the full attention of our event team.

4 Responses

  1. We stay in Park Villa Rd. Where can I get an access pass to allow us to drive in and out without issues?

    1. Hi Len –

      Norfolk Road, Cranko and Nuttall won’t be closed off at all, so you’d be able to access Park Villa as normal on the day. However if you do need to access Park Villa via Wrensch or Bowden, you would be able to use a Residents Access Pass. These will be deposited into the postboxes of all houses surrounding the Lower Main Rd portion of this year’s event on this Wednesday afternoon.

  2. Hello. Will a service provider be able to access my house in Park Villa Tomorrow?

    1. Morning Len – there should be no issue with a service provider getting access to Park Villa to your home: Norfolk Rd will not be closed off to traffic, as the road closure in the area doesn’t close Norfolk, but rather Lower Main. Our suggestion would be to inform the service provider to drive along Main Rd into Lower Main and down Norfolk to access Park Villa.

      They’d be able to use the same route to exit Obs as well.