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Legacy Project Update

In 2015, our team and community embarked on a new collaborative event that partnered with the community and civic bodies in Observatory, Cape Town, to create a free one-day festival of creativity that sought to bring art and interactive experiences alive in public spaces. That event is our very own Streetopia – and it’s gone from strength to strength each

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And That’s A Wrap!

Wow, did that all really happen, on our streets and Village Green? Because if you take a walk around the event area now, there’s barely a trace that thousands of people thronged through the streets of our hood last Saturday on the 1st of December! Our event team’s had a chance to take a breather, after 4 months of solid

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Event Disclaimer

Here’s our event disclaimer folks – it’s is a legal formality that’s a requirement of our event permit, but as with any outdoor event, the usual rules apply: look after yourself, and others, and remember that (even in a public place) there are laws in place that relate to you, your possessions and unexpected accidents.

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